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December 15, 2016:
“Cloudmark DesktopOne is Being Discontinued”
[…] it will stop functioning after December 1, 2017 […]

Our old, reliable, antispam application, that defined the “spamminess” based on the votes of the users community that clicked “Block” or “Unblock” buttons, must be replaced.

After a few attempts to use other services, we decided to embrace a widely used, open sourced, server side solution: SpamAssassin.
At the beginning of 2018 the system was up and running. At the end of the year we collected approx. 5000 unfiltered messages, partially read every day and moved to a different folder.

“Why can’t email work like many widely used messaging apps?”
we should only receive messages by our contacts.

Immediatly after Christmas 2018, we asked Paul, an experienced Perl developer if he could help us.
One month of intense work and the solution was up and running on all of our company’s mailboxes.

After a few days of use, our task was clear:
"we free your inbox from spam"

A simple solution, easy to implement on all managed mailservers.

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